Wednesday, October 14, 2009

West Wing

While we wait out the next who knows how many days, until I can file for Alyssa's visa, I thought I would tell you about something funny that Alyssa did the other night. When I can't sleep I watch the West Wing on my computer next to the bed. I have ear phones and put one in my ear and leave one out so I can hear her if she cries. It was around one in the morning, when I felt her lay across my back. I thought she was still asleep until about 10 min. later I rolled just enough to see her watching West Wing! I spent a fair amount of money on a set of Baby Einstein to help her learn English etc., but she couldn't care less...turns out she is a West Wing fan! I slid out from under her to get my camera. She never took her eyes off the screen. When I came back she had figured out there was sound! She actually got the plug in her own ear! She will certainly learn English, but what else?? (Side note...this wasn't a one time thing. I turned it on the next day and sure enough she came scampering right over...please tell me it isn't Toby...)


Deb said...

I absolutely LOVE the pic of Alssa with the ear plug! She looks as if she's up to no good and knows it!

KJS said...

Very cute picture of Aly and what a smart girl to figure it out!

Judi said...

If it's the early episodes, maybe she has a crush on Sam. :-)