Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Night Out =)

I had the greatest opportunity last night. To spend the evening with other people from the US in their room. They are staying in a much nicer place. There was actually a table and chairs for dining! The food was the best and they are a really nice couple! Alyssa was able to play with their little girl, named Jennifer. At first Alyssa was confused because she has been looking at her sister Jennifer's picture and getting all wound up. So we started calling her new friend Jen. Anyway, just having someone other than mom to play with was great. We had taken some of A's toys over there for play and we traded for a while, so new toys for both kids! yay! Not sure when the opportunity will come again to just isn't cool to be out and about. But any risk was worth it last night, I came back here feeling so much more human! My lawyer was there and he said there was NO reason not to file on Monday, that all his work is done 110%.

Here is a great picture of Alyssa being creative last night. She found one of our host's travel pillows and decided it was a hat...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

West Wing

While we wait out the next who knows how many days, until I can file for Alyssa's visa, I thought I would tell you about something funny that Alyssa did the other night. When I can't sleep I watch the West Wing on my computer next to the bed. I have ear phones and put one in my ear and leave one out so I can hear her if she cries. It was around one in the morning, when I felt her lay across my back. I thought she was still asleep until about 10 min. later I rolled just enough to see her watching West Wing! I spent a fair amount of money on a set of Baby Einstein to help her learn English etc., but she couldn't care less...turns out she is a West Wing fan! I slid out from under her to get my camera. She never took her eyes off the screen. When I came back she had figured out there was sound! She actually got the plug in her own ear! She will certainly learn English, but what else?? (Side note...this wasn't a one time thing. I turned it on the next day and sure enough she came scampering right over...please tell me it isn't Toby...)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In case you haven't read it anywhere else, or heard me yell it from the top of the roof. I passed court at 3PM our time. According to this country's government, she is now my daughter. It will take a day, maybe two for the paperwork to process. Keep the prayers going, we aren't finished yet, but awfully close.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Tomorrow is the big day. If everything goes well, then I will be posting pictures of a celebration lunch. I am supposed to appear at 9AM our time on Tuesday Oct. 13th. If all of that goes well, then maybe tomorrow afternoon, but more likely Wednesday morning I will apply at the American Embassy for Alyssa's visa. That should take a week or less, and then it is home sweet home. Now where did I put those ruby slippers?

Here is a random picture of hanging out playing. Other pictures to follow when I get the chance. She does keep me pretty busy!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Day At Nana's Pool

Today I decided it was getting a little too “Flowers in the Attic” around here and I needed to come up with a plan. So I thought of the things I miss about home and decided to do a theme day each day. One of the things I miss the most is hanging out at my mother’s pool. So I told Alyssa all about it and together we spent the morning pretending. First we had to walk up to her house, so I got Alyssa dressed in her best sun suit and hat (which you can tell she was just thrilled about). Next we got out the stroller and walked up to Nana’s house (around the room about 20 times). Once at Nana’s we played with the beach/pool ball for a while. We got pretty hot doing that and went for a swim in the pool (bathtub). Alyssa had a lot of fun with that part of our game. I think next summer she will be quite the fish! Then we walked back home and Alyssa, exhausted from fun at Nana’s zonked out on the bed. It was a nice way to pass the morning.
This afternoon we went to the doctor’s for her “official medical”. She passed with flying colors! She weighs 20 pounds, exactly what I had guessed (pulled my back out tonight) and she wears a size 12 mo. But for now is having to squeeze into a bunch of size 9 mo. because I thought that would be what she would need. That’s ok, we hang out at the pool a lot anyway, thanks Nana =)
Things have settled down a lot since Monday, thank you everyone who has been saying their prayers. =)

Friday, October 2, 2009


Smartest thing I did was bring stacking blocks. Least smart was not realizing they might have her age wrong. At almost 13 months I should have brought more toys, but then again, I played with kitchenware when I was little ... according to my mother it was usually 4AM! I almost forgot to tell you all ... she also made friends with a rather large black ant on the floor the other day ... I let it go on for a short while, but when she decided to eat her newest friend, I had to set him free.... =)